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    周六英语作文(通用8篇)[ 满分作文 ]

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    周六英语作文1I am going to do many things and be very busy on the weekend. So I do my homework on Saturday morning. In the aft...



    I am going to do many things and be very busy on the weekend. So I do my homework on Saturday morning. In the afternoon, I am going to do housework with my mother. Because I am a good girl, I am helpful at home. On Sunday morning, I am going to visit my grandparents with my parents. In the afternoon, we are going to the park together. Because there is a kite show. And my grandparents likes making kites. I think, we can see many beautiful kites there. And we are going to buy some beautiful kites, too. Then, we are going to fly the new kites, that’s fun.

    In the evening, we are going to have a big dinner. We are going to have fish for dinner. Because my grandparents likes eating fish. And my grandma cooks fish well. After dinner, we are going to watch TV together. We are going to be very happy.


    Busy Satday is a busy day for many families. Some families go shopping, some visit fends, some play sports. Some families have a special day at home.

    They do things together that they don't have time to do on other days. On Satday, Chen lives with his grandparents. The Chens go to the farmer's .

    Many other people buy new things in the Fresh eggs. They buy fresh eglant. I buy fresh syrup.

    They buy apples. They buy Nuts. There's football training on Satday.

    Fran's dad is her team coach. Fran and her dad go out for breakfast before practice. Her father eats egg scales.

    His mother goes shopping on Satday and buys a new fish for his tank. Next, they go to the farmer's to see his fends Jalil, Carl and his Mother watching football match Bo on Satday is a busy day and is something a family can do to make Satday special.



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    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thsday, Fday, Sunday: January 2, March, Apl, may, June, July, August, September, 11th, March, 5th, June, August, 9th, October, may, may, 6th, July, 9th.




    On Satday morning, I do my homework and Study on Satday afternoon. I have a little difficulty playing volleyball with my fends (after that, I am a little tired at night (I watch TV and play s in the ning); on Sunday morning, I go to the library, and I read an interesting book on Sunday afternoon. I went shopping on Sunday night and I cleaned the om.




    I sleep less than usual, but than a few weeks, so today I choose to be grateful. After all, it's Satday, and I seldom love these days, becse fm Monday to Fday, I focus on the important things, not the gent ones. Fm 5 to 9 o'clock, it's a work week and I'm very busy.

    But on weekends, we slow down to mow the lawn and read a book. I like it Satday's simplicity is the perfect middle, a no obligation moment, becse n if you don't do anything today, there will always be tomorw, and there will always be another weekend half time to catch up with and work hard to prepare for the coming madness. But today, all of these are not only available now.

    We seldom have such moments in o hood. These moments are not needed in o hood I want anything to expect or ask for, so I plan to enjoy mine, becse who knows when it's coming. Yes, there are plates in the sink, a dog begging for a walk, bills and unbalanced checkbooks, but all of these can wait at least one day.

    Those wores are nr for a perfect day like today. The Spanish word for sabado literally means Sabbath rest rest rest a chance to breathe, so that the next note we can play can be stng and pud of today, we waste time in the kitchen, prepare pancakes, we waste and slow down, sacfice efficiency for joy, we tn on the radio, let the music rasp, we watch movies until night, nr change o pajamas, we go out, nothing Don't do it, but enjoy what we do, not becse we have to or need it, but becse we want to, and we remember, days like this us recharge and retreat, and prepare for the next busy week, of cose, by simply enjoying the moment by forgetting the facts.




    Today is Satday. I get up at sn in the morning. I have breakfast at half past sn.

    I do housework and play piano at nine o'clock, which is one of my hobbies. Then my fends and I went to the park nearby. We played basketball and had a good time, bee there were many betiful flowers on the grass.

    I had breakfast. After 12 o'clock at home, I usually watched TV with my mother, or listened to music in the afternoon. I read books in my om.

    I like to read books at about 3:30. In the ning, I went to the movies with my bther. This Satday, I and my pet Katie Have a good time, I feel very happy.





    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thsday Fday Satday Sunday Satday Sunday Sunday Sunday Satday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Monday I bke my heart on Tuesday I hope Wednesday my empty arms are open for love, waiting for love thank the stars it's Fday I'm bning like fire Satday I don't think I'm going to chch Sunday Wednesday Thsday Fday Sunday.




    All my clasates are looking forward to the weekend, so do my weekends. I can play one day bee I usually have to do homework and draw. I finish my homework on Satday morning and have a good rest at noon.

    I like painting very much. My mother found me a teacher who is very good at painting. She teaches me a lot on Sundays.

    I often watch TV or go out with fends Go play. I like weekends.